An online community for trading graphic novels and trade paperbacks!



Some things you should know...

  1. Sequential Swap is not a store. These books are not for sale, they are for trade.
  2. This community is for people who want to read, not collectors. Members will not list books that are incomplete, and they shouldn't list books that are horribly damaged, but if you're going to get upset about a quarter-inch tear in the cover or a ding on the edge of the spine, this isn't the place for you.
  3. All swaps should be one-for-one. That means that, as far as the site is concerned, a 90-page Wonder Woman graphic novel is an equal trade for a 300-page Cerebus phone book.
  4. All swaps are "for keeps". If you'd like to get your book back after swapping with someone, you can always arrange a second swap, but the other person is in no way obligated to swap with you again. Keep this in mind.
  5. No one is obligated to swap with anyone.
  6. This site is only for graphic novels and trade paperbacks. Single issues are not for swap here.
  7. Prestige format books, generally speaking, are NOT graphic novels. This is a fast and loose rule, but for the most part, a one-shot that DC or Marvel packaged in a squarebound, cardstock cover so they could bleed a couple extra bucks out of the consumer does NOT a graphic novel make. This is to keep the list from getting bogged down with a bunch of copies of SPIDER- MAN/PUNISHER/SABRETOOTH: DESIGNER GENES and things like that.
  8. Prestige books that are part of a mini-series (such as JLA: THE NAIL, or BATMAN: THE CULT) are absolutely NOT graphic novels. We're looking for complete stories or arcs here.
  9. All swaps are private transactions between the swappers, and are at their risk. Sequential Swap claims no responsibility outside of keeping the site updated. That said, if a member has reneged on a swap, he or she will be removed from the site unless some sort of compromise can be reached with the injured party.
  10. If you can live with all this, click on the JOIN button to your left to sign up.


How it works...

  1. This bears repeating: Sequential Swap is not involved in swaps. Swaps are private transactions between members and are at their own risk. That said, if you cheat another member, don't expect to be welcome in this community anymore.
  2. After a member has his own books and trades listed, he can 'troll the Master List of books for trade, or he can search by Member.
  3. Once he finds a book he wants, he contacts the member listing the title and proposes a trade. If an agreement is reached, the member who initiated the swap has 7 days to put the book in the mail. NOTE: Each member will pay for the shipping of the book they are sending out. No money will exchange hands between members.
  4. Sequential Swap recommends Media Mail for all transactions within the US. It's slow, but it's cheap.
  5. Once the trade is received, the second member (the one who didn't initiate the trade) has 7 days to send out his book in trade.
  6. When everybody has their books, and everybody's happy (or even if they're not), it is hoped that both parties will announce this to the mailing list. This allows the webmaster to keep track of how many successful transactions members have completed, and just generally gives everybody a warm fuzzy.