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Recommended Links


Review Sites
Considering swapping for a book, but just don't know what it's about? These TPB and GN review sites can show you the way.

Comics Worth Reading – Graphic Novels - The graphic novel/TPB page of Johanna Draper Carlson's comic review site.
Modern Tales - Graphic novel reviews alongside webcomics
The TP List - A listing of hundreds of trades and graphic novels, plus plot summaries.


Comic Sites
Comic-centric sites of interest.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - The name says it all.
The Hero Initiative - Providing a financial safety net for yesterdays' comic creators.


Member Sites
Comic-related sites run by our own members!

Alert Nerd - Matt Springer's comic blog
Armz Race - Comic reviews by Paul Gasparo, Chris Jarzombek, and Mark Alpert
The Darkness, Witchblade and other Comics Gallery - Web-gallery of comics by Marcel Van der Sanden
Strange Haven - Patrick Maliksi's comic book review and links page.